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Business Internet

At Fort Knox Bermuda Ltd we understand that you depend on your network to drive your business requirements. Networks need to support both data and voice in an uninterrupted manner. To do this we have combined the best network infrastructure that Bermuda can offer.

Our business continuity Internet Solution is delivered to your offices with the use of two direct and dedicated links. By combining both an underground fiber optic channel with a direct wireless connection to your offices, we ensure that the Internet Service you receive is the best that Bermuda's infrastructure can offer.

That is why we offer the highest guarantee of uptime in the industry. Our 99.96% guarantee assures you that you can get on with your daily tasks without the frustration of reduced speeds or downtime on your network.

We can even customize a solution for you if you have multiple offices or specific requirements.

We are the telecommunications engineers of the Industry and we look forward to servicing you.

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FIOS Internet (Fibre optics business internet)

Multitasking just got easier.

Run your business applications while handling calls or streaming video, and improve efficiencies across your operations. FortKnox FIOS Internet offers:

Increase your speed of operations.
  • Provides breakthrough speeds of up to 500 Mbps download and 500 Mbps upload in select areas
  • Runs high-bandwidth applications and sends large electronic files simultaneously
Connect your work force.

With high-speed fiber optics, you can put data-heavy apps like video conferencing to work for your business.

  • Promotes collaboration and data sharing between workers
  • Enables employees to stay productive regardless of location
  • Makes it easier to integrate new technologies into your operations

FIOS Internet available in select areas. 500/500 Mbps services availability may be limited in your area based on network qualification requirements.

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated bandwidth to get work done.

Take your business to the next level of performance with bandwidth options ranging from low (1 Mbps) to high (10 Gbps). Use FortKnox Dedicated Internet services when the necessity of your data is essential to the reliability of your business. Get dedicated Internet access that provides:

Top reasons to choose Dedicated Internet services:
  • Flexibility: Handle your business's growing demands for Internet access, IP-based applications, and data sharing—all of which require higher bandwidth speeds.
  • High Performance: Get reliable network quality and availability with flexible service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Scalable options: Help manage costs for service provisioning, bandwidth changes, and site development.
  • Coverage and reach: Deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity all across your business. Our global IP network supports deployments for single or multiple locations around the world.
Easy installation at your location.

Many business locations are already equipped with Dedicated Internet infrastructure, which can help reduce service installation time and control costs. For other facilities, our experts can quickly determine what's needed. Contact your FortKnox representative to check availability or call Business internet to locate a FortKnox representative in your area.

What to consider before using our Dedicated Internet services.

Allocate bandwidth where you need it.
  • Prioritizes network traffic and key business applications, such as voice and video services
  • Helps mitigate slowdowns by dedicating bandwidth
  • Gives you flexibility to upgrade as your business grows
  • Enables proactive monitoring, 24x7
Customize your dedicated Internet access quickly and easily.

Our experts can quickly help you determine your ideal business Internet setup by answering such questions as:

  • Do you have specific technical requirements (network redundancy/diversity, a particular protocol, etc.)?
  • Do you need to securely connect multiple locations?
  • Do your employees need secure, remote access to network assets?
  • Do you require a managed Internet service?
Expand the reach of your business.

Connect your domestic locations to the global market quickly and easily with a dependable global IP network that:

  • Spans countries around the globe
  • Provides exceptional SLAs
  • Scales as needed, with multiple plan options to help simplify billing

Network Management Practices and Performance Information for these Internet access services now available.

Wireless Backup

Simple, secure wireless backup.

Run your business and maintain your customers' confidence when the unexpected occurs.

Preserve voice, data, and Internet connections and operate as usual—even when Primary internet service isn't available—with a Wireless Backup Network up to 1 Gbps which is independent from our FIOS Internet and Dedicated Network .

Business continuity helps protect your bottom line