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Document Solutions

Fort Knox offers a complete, cost-effective, and competitive solution to your business document & records management, storage, and destruction needs. Files, boxes, confidential records, tapes, microfilm and other media are organized, digitally indexed, and managed for easy retrieval at our secure facilities. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and meet the records management, destruction, archival and confidential needs of your organization. Using the latest in records management, computer and software technology, including web-based services and bar-coding, you can be assured that your records are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even under the most sever of circumstances. Your records are safe, protected, efficiently managed, and stored with respect and care.

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Fort Knox shredding services can help you develop and implement a cost-effective, secure and compliant document destruction solution. Holding information beyond its required retention period incurs unnecessary storage costs and leave you vulnerable to risk of theft, misuse, and disclosure. Our team will help you establish a complete document shredding program on or offsite that is customized to your specific business needs
Web online access is a web application which allows you to place orders for pick up or delivery, run queries, print reports and even track the status of your order. Scan on demand allows you to be able to request a specific file stored at Fort Knox and have it scanned and sent to you in an electronic format.
Converting your paper files, books and records to electronic documents can help you increase productivity, improve business processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Fort Knox is not only innovative but provides cost effective solutions that will provide impressive returns on Investment for these solutions.

Our solution can enable your in house resources to scan/image the files into a web tool that is specifically designed to suit your business processes. Search retrieve and share important business information internally or externally – all via a secure web browser. Information found in multiple formats, scattered throughout your organization, can be scanned, stored, managed and made immediately accessible to you.